Rates On Crane Rentals In Miami

Great Rates On Crane Rentals In Miami

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Hydraulic Crane Rates

50-60 Ton 170 Feet 2 Hours 2 Hours $135
70-80 Ton 190 Feet 2 Hours 2 Hours $155
90-125 Ton 240 Feet 3 Hours 5 Hours $250
170 Ton 300 Feet 3 Hours 5 Hours $400
200 Ton 197-320 Feet 3 Hours 5 Hours $475

Please call for low weekly and monthly crane rental rates. Vibratory hammer with power unit and sheet piling also available.

Counter weights required for operation. Jib extensions required for maximum boom length. Boom extensions require an additional crane to install and remove: additional cost involved. Counter weight/jib/delivery pick up/ $1,200 (170-200 ton) or $400 ($125 ton).

These rates include operator, liability insurance and standard rigging. Rental rates are subject to change without prior notice and equipment is subject to availability. Saturday, night, holiday or other special job scheduling may incur additional overtime cost. Prices do not include prevailing wage requirements or involvement of specialized insurance programs. If project requires prevailing ware or specialized insurance customer must request a written proposal. Off dut police office(s), city permits, barricades, MOT plans, additional riggers, flagmen, special rigging or communication equipment not included. Contact us to request additional information.

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All rates published here are subject to change without immediate notice. Please contact us directly for rate verification or for special equipment requests.

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