Renting Crane Equipment In Miami

Renting Durable Crane Equipment At Affordable Prices In Miami

What type of business do you run? Perhaps you are in the construction industry and need a crane from time to time. Maybe you'd like to have a more efficient way to hang signs. Regardless of your industry, George's Crane Service, Inc. provides professional and affordable crane equipment rental in Miami. Our fleet of 60 cranes is available at hourly, weekly or monthly rates. If you need one for a longer period of time, talk to us about your project and allow us to help you work something out. Our wide range of services is available 24 hours a day, seven days per week. Our family company strives to provide service that is always satisfactory. Your happiness with our rentals is our goal.

Products We Offer

George's Crane Service, Inc. provides hydraulic crane rental and boom truck rental, up to 170-ton hydros and 300-foot boom trucks, but we offer so much more than that, too. Do you need trucks to help you complete your project? We have trucking available. Allow us to use our flatbed service or stretch trailers to help you haul vehicles and everything else you need. In addition to trucking and cranes, we provide rentals for a variety of equipment:

  • • Punch, vibratory hammer and power unit
  • • Sheet piling
  • • Block buggy
  • • Landing platform
  • • Block forks
  • • Slab bucket
  • • Half moon
  • • Clam shell
When you contact us about rentals, we discuss your project with you to determine everything you need and help you secure it. Do you need people to help you get the job done? Our company employs certified crane operators and truck drivers to assist you with your project.

Products We Offer

To learn about our rentals or our cranes for sale and get a free estimate, contact George’s Crane Service, Inc. in Miami at (305) 513-0188. Se habla Español.

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